Virus Removal

Viruses, or malware, come in all types and formats and have many different effects. From browser redirectors that take you to websites you didn’t want to see to encryption viruses that “lock” all your files until you pay a large ransom. Virus removal is the answer.
Ideally you should prevent them from affecting you in the first place by applying good practice and the use of a good anti virus program.
If you are affected by a virus we can help. Our virus removal service will remove all known viruses for you and restore your computer to its normal state.

We recommend one of our preferred anti-virus solutions and that you back up your files on a regular basis to prevent loss of your data.

f-secure virus removal program
bullguard virus removal

F-Secure Internet security and VPN
1 PC – Internet Security – £23
3 PC – Internet Security – £35
5 PC – Internet Security – £43
Add VPN support for additional £5

Game Booster
Next Gen Anti-Malware
Mobile device protection
Parental Controls

£20 as part of a service
From £25 – covers 3 devices.
£35 covers 6 devices – while stock last

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