Why use us?

As a small business specialist we realise how important it is that your equipment is running at its best and repairs are done quickly
If you have a breakdown it can cost you time, money and customers.
Although we get to all customers as fast as possible we prioritise businesses.
We are available 7 days a week (Sundays emergency service only).
Don’t accept anything less than the best.
We are also fully GDPR complaint. All data backups from customer’s machines are protected with device level encryption while in transit.
Backups created while repairs are done are also encrypted.

  • Small business specialist
  • Fast, efficient and friendly service with no jargon
  • Latest Diagnostic software
  • Large range of spares in stock
  • Genuine Windows
  • New and refurbished machines
  • We can refurbish your machines
  • FREE loan machine if we cannot fix your only computer on the spot
  • Security Software
  • Service contracts from £2 per machine per month.
  • Secure Data deletion

What we do as a Small Business Specialist?

When you are focussed on growing your business and being more competitive it’s essential that you have IT systems that you can rely on. If you are considering investing in or upgrading to new technology, you want to be sure that you’re buying what you need and that it will meet your expectations. Which is why you should talk to an IT specialist before you buy.
As Small Business Specialists we will  help start up and small-to-medium businesses with 1 or more PCs, tackle their business challenges through IT solutions.

As Small Business Specialists we are to recommend, supply and support the latest and most appropriate Microsoft technology for your business
We have available a wealth of resources specific to small businesses like yours
Having the correct IT solutions can improve your company’s productivity. We have extensive experience in managing small business networks. We know which solutions address your business needs whilst providing high class IT support.

GDPR small business specialist

GDPR Compliance

As part of our GDPR obligations we will only record personal data necessary for completion of repairs. We will not use your contact details to send unsolicited mail or email and we will never sell or otherwise give your contact information to third parties. We do not store passwords or other personal data except where it is necessary to perfom our services.