People sometimes question the pricing of software especially comparing some sellers using Facebook accounts. How can “xyz”install Windows for £25 when its £90 to buy. The simple answer is that they are using pirated or “cracked” copies of Windows. If you see someone offering Windows 7 Ultimate on a computer it’s 100% guaranteed to be a fake. Windows 7 Ultimate was never sold on a computer and cost around £140 as an extra. But, if you’re going to pirate one you may as well go the whole hog. The strange thing is that a lot of the computers we see have a genuine licence attached. It’s just the cowboys can’t get the original disks any more. Why does it matter? We had an issue with a client where windows was “broken” because a security update disabled the crack. This interrupted her use of the computer until we could rectify it. Cracked copies are insecure, how do you know the crack itself isn’t sending your personal details to a hacker? Cracked copies often do not update properly leaving your system open to viruses. Last but not least unlicensed versions of any Microsoft software can leave businesses open to fines if detected. Don’t take a chance, insist on genuine.

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