Hard Drive data recovery

When your storage device fails we can help

We can recover data from almost anything

1. Deleted File scan – when files are deleted they are usually still present, the space has been “marked as empty” Data recovery in this case is usually possible unless the device has been used after deletion.
2. Damaged file structure – the “list” of files has been damaged. Not unlike losing the index from a book this can often be recovered and rebuilt.
3. Formatted drives – formatting is a way of “laying out” the drive so that your device can find the files. This is a much more difficult and time consuming repair.
4. Mechanical failure – the most dificuly type of data recovery. This is where your storage device fails completely. This requires specialist repair although there are many YouTube videos that suggest it can be done DIY. We recommend a specialist recovery company and
use EADR for all our failed drives