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We build custom computers to your requirements.

We can build you a custom computer for gaming, Computer Aided Design (CAD) or video/photo editing?
Off the shelf PC’s just will not do the job.
We build a machine to suit exactly what you need.
Top quality components – All our custom computers come with 3 year hardware warranty.
Windows version you need – so no “pirate” or “cracked” software.
No “bloatware” – because most bulk manufactured PC’s have unnecessary software installed that can slow your machine.

Custom Computers

We can build almost anything

From micro-pc's to full on Gaming systems - over 2 billion permutations - click on the image to get a quote

Why buy a custom computer?

There a quite a few reasons. Off the shelf computers are fine for web browsing, word processing, email and Facebook. But what if you want to do something more?

Normal computers are built to a price point and laptops are made to conserve battery life. They are also normally loaded with lots of software the maunfacturer hopes you use because it allows them to charge you extra for it. Preloaded security suites are a prime example. They give you a 3 month trial and hope you pay for it giving the manufacturer a commission.

Custom PC’s have none of that.

We only install Windows and any software YOU choose.

Gaming. If you want to play games you need a fast machine with a dedicated graphics card which produces the picture onscreen. Too slow a graphics card and the game will “stutter” or not even start.

If you want to edit photos, especially professionally, you need a machine with a fast CPU, plenty of memory and an SSD to improve load and response times. graphics are a secondary consideration.

Video Editing is one of the most demanding things a computer will ever have to do. It need an all round powerhouse.

Computer Aided Design is used professionally to create objects in a virtual space that can later be built or made in the real world. To create a realistic image the designs need to be “rendered”. This needs a specially designed graphics card. Many companies who supply these machines simply rebadge Dell or HP machines adding to the cost and making them arti cially expensive. We can build you a machine to do the job and give you a 3 year parts warranty