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PC-Check for computer repairs

State of the Art diagnostics using PC-Check

We want you to feel confident when you use us to do your computer repairs. Our state of the art software can diagnose faults on your computer without disassembly.

Computer Repairs

We only use top quality parts from recognised brands.
All our computer repairs with these parts carry a 12 month parts warranty.
We can repair:
Failures to start: Often caused by board failure or power issues
Blue screen crashes: Almost always caused by a piece of faulty hardware.
Black screen: Failure to boot is usually software related.
Mechanical noises: There are only a few moving parts in a computer. Fans and the hard drive are usually the culprit here.
Overheating: Blocked fans and poor ventilation.
Power supply problems: Power supplies lose around 10% of their capacity per year due to component wear.
Software reinstallation: Often updates fail to complete or malware may corrupt system files.

After diagnostics we will quote a price to fix your device.
Each quote will be for the supply and fit of the required part and all necessary labour.
All pricing will be agreed upon before we starting doing any billable work to avoid any unnecessary surprises and extra costs! 
We will, under no circumstances, do anything that will affect your data or programs without consulting you first. 
Occasionally, when facing more complicated issues, we might ask to keep your computer so that we can complete a thorough investigation. This is still part of our free diagnostics service and you won’t be charged. We’ll take a few details from you first and then once we’ve worked out what the problem is and how we can fix it we’ll be in touch to discuss what options we have.